Welcome to & thank you for visiting our website. This site shares information about the Hualapai Amateur Radio Club, Inc. We are nonprofit organization whose primary purposes are to give back to our communities, provide educational programs by instruction and introduction to aid and encourage non-amateurs to get licensed, to receive privileges on the amateur radio bands, have fun and place themselves at the service of the community in case of severe weather events and/or natural disasters.

The Hualapai Amateur Radio Club meets the first Wednesday of each month at the Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire Station located at 2485 Northern Avenue, Kingman, AZ at 6 PM with the exception of December octafx app.

WB6RER Repeater
Frequency: 147.16 MHz +600 PL: 131.8

K6NLS Repeater (Skywarn)
Frequency: 447.125 - PL: 156.7
6 meter Frequency: 51.940 -.5  PL: 100.

D-Star Frequency: 445.900MHz
Reflector: 030
D-Star Frequency: 145.135MHz
Reflector: 012

Phone: (928) 897-2743
Hualapai Amateur Radio Club (HARC)
P. O. Box 6908, Kingman, AZ 86402

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