The Hualapai Amatuer Radio Club call sign WB6RER was obtained from Andy Devine.  It's meaning is - "Whiskey Bravo Six Red Eyed Rooster". Andy Devine was often referred to as the Red Eyed Rooster so he really liked this call sign.  He traveled to the East Coast and obtained this call sign from another Ham operator.  The Hualapai Amateur Radio Club obtained Andy Devine's call sign by request to the family after his death.  The family wrote to the FCC and asked that the call sign be transferred to the club.

The Hualapai Amateur Radio Club, also known as HARC, is incorporated to assist local public safety organizations to communicate durning local or national emergency events.  We participate in the "Skywarn" system to provide the National Weather Service with "Real Time" information about severe weather in the Kingman, AZ area.    We particiapte in special event operations such as  Route 66 On the Air (W6F).

     WB6RER Frequency is 147.16MHz + 600 PL tone 131.8.  HARC is D-Star operational locally on 445.900MHz (Reflector 030) and 145.135MHz (Reflector 012), with the UHF frequency having the most activity.

     The Hualapai Amateur Radio Club meets the first Wednesday of each Month at the Flying J Denny's in the back room at 7:00 PM. The address is 3300 E. Andy Devine Ave, Kingman, AZ.

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